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Premium Heated Eyelash Curler

Premium Heated Eyelash Curler

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A simple improvement for better eyelashes.

Looking for an effortless and efficient way to curl your eyelashes in seconds? Our innovative eyelash curler will get the job done.

The eyelash curler features a gentle yet precise heating function that delicately warms your lashes while you curl for a quicker result and for a longer-lasting curl without damaging them.

Key Features

  • Features a quick pre-heat time of 10 seconds, which means that you can get your lashes ready in seconds.

  • Guarantees a more long lasting lift compared to a traditional eyelash curler.

  • 2 Temperature Modes, Low Temperature mode for softer eyelashes, and a High Temperature mode for thicker or harder eyelashes.

  • Switch between modes with a single press of a button. (Low Temp is at 150°F and High Temp is at 185°F)

  • The heating silicone padding on the curler will never burn, pinch or create any discomfort on your eyes.


  • Colors: Pink or White
  • Size: 2.55in x 1.80in x 1.5in
  • Operating Temperatures: 150°F and 185°F (Both under 200°F to prevent burns)
  • Power: Charge via Micro USB Cable (Included)